Event Collaborations

Are you wanting to host/ create an event or journey?

MoonRose Mickie is regularly involved in collaborating in all types of different events that wish to bring in an element of Shamanic Ceremony or Healing or Tantric Practices.

Some of the types of events MoonRose has been involved in are:

– Ecstatic Dances: Ceremony, Guided Dance Journeys and Sound Healing

– Tantric Events: Temple Nights – Guiding Tantric Practices, Priestessing and Guided Sound Healing

-Festivals: Shamanic Performances and Guided Journey Workshops

– Other Events: Balls, Galas, Hens Nights and Party Hosting that want to bring a Tantric or Shamanic Ceremonial twist to them

Some of the key aspects MoonRose can bring to your next event range from:

– Guest Speaking and Demonstrations

– Hosting and Performing

– Ceremony and Guided Healing Journeys

– Sound Healing

Get in contact for your specific event as we can tailor what is needed for your event