Level 2 – Embodiment Medicine

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

In this session we dive a little deeper as we drop out of the mind and into the body

We are living in a society that is trapping most of our ability to feel emotions and actually feel safe in our bodies

Most of us were taught as children to ‘shut down’ the ‘bad’ stuff or that it wasn’t acceptable to express in certain ways

What this means is we have a lot of people walking around with nervous systems that are filled with unresolved or ‘trapped’ emotions that may come out in unconscious ways if we do not learn to clear and transmute in a healthy way for ourselves and in turn for the people around us

Until we find health ways to surrender and release the energy (as emotion is energy in motion) then we limit our capacity to feel, connect or express ourselves

Long term suppression can also lead to ailments physically and mentally and is something that can heal our relationship with our inner ‘wildness’ and inner child

This session includes:

Tea Ceremony

Card Reading and Guidance

Guided Breathwork and Embodied Movement

Reclaiming the ‘primal’ by healing our relationship with our body and our emotional responses

Shamanic Practices and Energy Healing Techniques to unblock the energy meridians in the body

Emotional Release Tools and Tehcniques

Crystal bowl sound healing to integrate

Other effects this session can have:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Releasing Cords and Attachments
  • Energetic Upgrades and Attunements
  • Raising your vibration (in your electromagnetic field)
  • Letting go of old stories, identities and what no longer serves you
  • Shamanic activations and connections that are uniquely encoded for you and your gifts and abilities
  • Emotional and Energy Release
  • Ancestral and Lineage Healing
  • Past Life and Timeline Healing
  • Kundalini Awakening and Clearing
  • And so much more

This can be a very powerful session that can bring up what we are supressing and leave us feeling clearer and more ‘in our bodies’

By not avoiding but moving into reconnecting the mind and the body in the process, healing can occur on many levels

Sometimes we need a little guidance and ‘safety’ with someone else into these spaces, if we were taught they are unacceptable

This can be a powerful session leaving you feeling clearer and with tools on how to heal your nervous system as we all deserve to feel safe in our own body

120 mins

$200 AUD

*Note: This session is available for both men, women and small groups

*This is a safe way to release emotions and clear the nervous system however moonrose is NOT a medical practitioner, for any serious physical or mental health issues, please see your local GP