Shamanic Energy & Sound Clearing

Are you ready to raise your vibration and unlock the magic within?

Maybe your lacking energy, feeling a little lost and needing some guidance in your life…

We are living in a world that is suppressing and overstressing our nervous system, then we wonder why we may be struggling to relax or be dealing with anxiety or depression

It is time to slow down and turn within

Let’s take a step out of the normal day to day life, the ‘doing’…and explore the softening into our ‘being’

In this journey, let MoonRose take you on a journey that will leave you feeling elevated as we shift your vibration and come back into your centre

This journey may include:

  • Shamanic Energy Clearing and Guidance
  • Sound Healing
  • Guided Somatic Embodiment
  • Guided Breathwork and other modalities
  • Cord Cutting & Energetic Healing
  • Shifting old emotions and stories
  • Ancestral Clearings
  • Kundalini Activation
  • and so much more!

This journey is really about meeting where you are at and what you specifically need

The intention of this space is to shift your vibration and create harmony, mind – body – soul

These sessions can help just bring you back into a calmer nervous system and a more centred heart space

90 min $200 AUD