The Temple Keys Session

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

If you’ve found yourself here….your soul has done so for a reason

Feeling lost? Maybe a little stuck? Anxious or not knowing what to do next…

Perhaps you feel MoonRose’s energy and understand their is an activation or a ‘key’ she has for you

Then this may be the session for you

We are in times where we are getting surrounded by fear, confusion and our worth forced by how much we can do….its time to let go for a moment, recalibrate and be

This journey is includes:

  • A yummy Cacao ceremony
  • Card and Soul Guidance
  • Energy Clearing and Shamanic Journey
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy

These sessions can leave you feeling connected, in a peaceful state as we raise your vibration

Some of things that may happen include:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Energy Attunements and Activations
  • Cord Release
  • Past Life Activations and Clearings
  • Ancestral Healings and Activations
  • Kundalini Activations and Clearings
  • ‘Soul Star’ and ‘Earth Star’ Activations
  • and so much more

This can allow you to:

  • Calm your nervous system for healing
  • Have emotional release as we release the energy
  • See beyond your current situation and connecting to the truth of your soul
  • Come back into alignment and peace
  • Raise your vibration in real embodied way

Whether you are new to this work, or in the realms of energy healing, each session is unique to the soul and their needs

This session is for men and women

90 minutes

$180 AUD

Location: Gold Coast