The Sensual Awakening Session

Are you ready to awaken your sensual soul?

Don’t know where to begin? Then this is the space you may be looking for!

Maybe you are curious on your own sexual healing journey, bringing the sacredness into our sexual expression or perhaps you are wanting to learn more about the realms of tantra or exploring kink consciously with a partner or self and don’t know where to look or start

On our journey of awakening, our sexuality is an inevitable gate we will come to on our souls path

This session will be uniqely tailored to your needs but may include:

  • Identifying Sexual Blockages, patterns and conditioning that arent serving you any longer
  • Conscious Relationship Coummincation
  • Educaion on tantric practices with self and a partner
  • Education on sacred Kink with direction on exploration and tips on how to experience this safely
  • A guided meditation journey to reconnect base – heart – mind energy points

Your sexual expression is directly linked to your sense of self, creativity, enjoyment and connection within the world, so to bring it back into alignment is a part of the journey on our path of getting know or master ourself in different ways.

These are the topics that are deemed as ‘taboo’ or ‘out there’ in our society, with so many people being misinformed, going through the same struggles and looking for the same freedom, it is time we lift the lid off and make this ok so it can be integrated into our full expression.

Maybe there’s curiosity or desires you aren’t expressing that can be effecting other areas of your life, perhaps there’s disconnection or trauma in relating with others that you’re ready to start to understand

This can be a place to start and get the guidance you may be looking for as MoonRose holds a non-judgemental spade of understanding

75 min

$120 AUD

This session will be held via zoom accessible worldwide with a recording you can keep and listen back to

*Note: This is NOT a sexual service, this is a session for those who are genuinely ready to experience their sexuality in new and awakened ways with themselves or a partner. You may leave the session feeling activated or even blissful, but this is more intended for guidance and energetic clearing of these parts of your being

MoonRose is NOT a medical or psychological practitioner. For any deep physical or mental trauma, you are recommended to consult your local GP or professional health expert.