The Sensual Awakening Session

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

Perhaps you are on a journey wanting to experience the tantric realms and your sensual aliveness

Perhaps your body has been feeling a little disconnected lately

Your sensual self is a gate you will come to on your journey of getting to know yourself, and this is the space that can reclaim the power of your energy that can be amplified, channelled and directed into all areas of your life, as you deserve to have a turned on existence

This session may include:

  • A yummy cacao ceremony
  • A sensual dance transmission
  • Reconnecting the base – heart – mind connection
  • Tantric and Shamanic Connection and Body Work Practices
  • Sacred devotion practices
  • Awakening the senses with different types of Somatic Bodywork Energy
  • Crystal sound bowl therapy integration

This session can:

  • Awakening the body to Full Body Bliss
  • Healing any emotions and energies that may be stored in our base disconnecting us from feeling sexually activated
  • Healing past trauma, shame and fear around feeling sensual energy
  • Feeling deeper connection and aliveness in our body
  • Awakening Kundalini and Spiritual Energy that lies dormant in the body

MoonRose has travelled around Australia teaching souls how to achieve full body bliss and has awakened thousands of men, women and couples through guest speaking, demos and one of one sessions to the truth of their sensual soul and the power and innocence of this energy

*Note: This is NOT a full sexual service, nudity is involved, the intention of the session is to awaken bliss in the full body rather than goal focused.

MoonRose mainly works with women and couples, however if a man is on a journey with the right intentions, MoonRose

120 mins

$280 AUD