Womb Activation Session

Dear Goddess

Are you ready to awaken your womb?

When a woman is connected to her sensual centre, she is connected to the earth

In ancient times, women were initiated into the sacred wisdom of this space. as her pleasure was a prayer and her womb was a gift

In this session MoonRose connects in with your energy and guides you deep into the places of your sacred feminine

This session includes:

  • Releasing blocks and programs that keep you from sitting in your base
  • Reconnection of your womb and heart centre
  • Distance clearing and guided journey into the womb
  • Specific guidance and practices to your unique needs

The benefits of this session:

  • Healing your connection with your body
  • Physical sensations of energy clearings
  • Releasing emotional and mental blockages
  • Elevating your vibration in ways that can leave you feeling emotionally elevated and mentally clear
  • Kundalini Activations
  • Past Life and Ancestral Healing and Clearing
  • And so much more

The intention of these sessions is to help you clear some of the fog that we can get stuck in from time to time

75 mins

$88 AUD

This session is available for both men and women and is for the souls guidance

Note* MoonRose is NOT a medical or psychological practitioner. For any deep physical or mental trauma, you are recommended to consult your local GP or professional health expert.